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on site built pump stations - THE selection

With on-site build pump stations and the flexibility with concrete and precast units the options are endless.  This can also be a problem.  Too much choice and a limited budget both combine to cause estimators, quantity surveyors and buyers a bit of a headache. We can solve this!  

As standard we are driven by guidelines and our own historical project data to give a good single solution which we are confident will work for each of our customers. Our main problem, we don't know what you may know about the site.  This can include space constraints, delivery constraints, water table issues among a lot of other issues. Our ideal solution could be your perfect nightmare!  To avoid this we will give two or three options depending on what data is given to us.

Casting a special chamber to accommodate a pump company can also be an expensive way to go unless it is part of a larger element of the works.  We use where possible standard size precast concrete (PCC) ring sections from 1,000mm in diameter to 4,000mm in diameter or section units up to 15,000mm diameter or larger where required.

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