Paradigm is a pumping station design, delivery and maintenance firm with integrated project delivery capabilities.


With an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create ways of doing things differently, Paradigm was founded in 2008 by a team of pumping station designers and engineers.  Each brought speciliased experience and talent in order to develop a new seamless methodology to challenge the industry status quo. 

Since then, Paradigm has continued to challenge the nature of market and has enabled its team to grow and succeed; igniting the passion to excel.  This has enabled us to further develop our stand-alone methodology and incorporate it in the most effective way in the industry in order unite strategy, design and project delivery to achieve measurable results with our clients. 

Our constant passion to challenge status-quo, drives our passion to create solutions that deliver measurable results.


Paradigm's design team are dedicated to creating pumping station solutions that are driven by customers requirements in order to exceed expectations and deliver measurable results. This means that pump stations are designed with the end in mind, ensuring projects can be delivered on-time and maintained with the upmost ease.


We are dedicated to delivering pumping station solutions that are driven by customers requirements that have the ability to outperform expectations.  We take this seriously as we understand the issues can occur when projects are delvered incorrect and we take the time to ensure that communication between us remains clear and transparent at all times.


We are passionate believers that 'prevention is better than cure' and that is why we are here to ensure that your pumping station is functioning at optimum capacity at all times. We take it as our responsibility that, whatever it takes to maintain your pumping station to full working capacity, we will ensure it will be available.