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Adoptable Pumping Stations

With years of expertise in the pumping industry, Paradigm System's have brought together decades of expertise in the Adoptable Pumping Station arena.

Offering a turn key service concept to completion has given us unparalleled experience to seamlessly delivering projects all over the UK, offering:

  • Full specification calculations and design

  • Supply and build package for peace of mind

  • All elements of mechanical, electrical works completed

  • Full commissioning of pumping station included

Adoptable (SFA)
Pumping Stations

Adoptable pumping systems are ideal for handing over to the water authority or large client to deal with all maintenance and upgrades from that point forward. 


Send us the drainage layout and rising main route and we'll advise what will be required for your site.  As from 1st April 2020, designs must be to the the Design & Construction Guidance (DCG) code of adoption which replaces Sewers for Adoption 6th (SfA6) and 7th (SfA7) guidance incorporating each water companies preferences.


Once we have received the instruction from you we will proceed to compile a technical submission document to be submitted to the water authority along with the other documentation including surge analysis for rising mains over 500m and air release valve and low point drawings where required. Only when this has been approved by the water authority can we start the next step.


Build the manhole following dimensions from the drawing. If cast in parts are required ask for these early. If you are supplying parts get these checked against the drawing.


Tell us you're ready by completing and returning a site readiness form (DSR) and our team will turn up to the site and complete the first fix.


Tell us when you are ready for final commissioning by returning a second site readiness form (PCF) and our teams will install the pumps and level controls and commission. 

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