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Packaged Pumping Stations

Pre-packaged pump stations, built inside plastic or GRP tanks are ideal for minimising on-site risk and installation time and crafted from the best materials to ensure optimum functional capacity.

1. Initial Step

Send us the drainage layout and we'll advise different options available and who is responsible for what.

2. Selection

Once we have gone through your drainage drawings we will give you the various options (without complexities) for you to select the right one for you. For example, different sizes and footprints. Select preferable option and we'll complete the design package for your comments and approval.

3. Delivery

Take delivery of the pre-packaged pump station onto the site and all parts that come with the delivery.

4. Installation

Complete the installation of the pre-packaged pump station into the ground in the manner advised by our installation instructions and the consulting engineers site details. Complete all connections.

5. Commissioning

Tell us when you are ready for final commissioning by returning a site readiness form (PCF) and our teams will install the pumps and level controls and commission. 

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