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Get immediate warning alerts from your pumping station with our low-cost remote monitoring service!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

An effective strategy to ensure that your car is always running smoothly is to take action when a 'warning light' appears. Pumping stations can be setup with the same strategy and are just as prone to the unexpected.

In this case, the 'warning lights' come in the form of an SMS/Text notification system known as 'Telemetry' to give you a timely warning that all is not as it should be.

If you own, live in or are looking to purchase real estate with a pumping station under your watchful eye, a 'Telemetry' system will stand you in good stead for ensuring that your pumping station is reliably running at capacity at times when you need it most.

By having the new remote system installed, you can ensure that you know about any pumping station issue as early as possible.  The small device can be retrofitted into almost any pumping station control panel and sent alerts up to 5 users.

Our control-room will also receive the alerts and will be able to notify you of the nearest engineer should a site visit be required.

Call us now on 0118 986 6101 to find out how this can help you!


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