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Limiting flow rate by pump

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

When designing the drainage for surface water you may come across the two following challenges:

1) The flow must be limited, and

2) The flow must be lifted

Do you,

a) Install a pump to lift the water then add a flow controller device, or

b) Install a flow controller device then add a pump to the water, or

c) Install a pump station as the flow controller?

How does a pump system differ from a flow controller in controlling flow?

A flow controller creates a vortex in the flow at a predetermined water level, often known as top water level, which limits the flow to the desired flow rate.

A pump puts energy into a stationary body of water. Correct sizing of the pump and system gives the desired flow rate.

Flow controller characteristics

A flow controller is designed so that the flow out of the surface water drainage system does not go above a certain flow rate. A maximum level that the water will rise to is calc