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Living near a pump station

Dear Resident,

We trust you and your family are keeping well during these times.

Moving home is one of the most thrilling parts of life but often can be stressful. Finding something unexpectedly pleasant in the house you hadn't expected can also bring much joy. The reverse is also true.

The house you have purchased is the house nearest the main collection and dispersal system for the sewage from the new 20 [could be anywhere from 1-500 or sometimes more] houses on the same development.

Although this may come as a shock, do not be alarmed. On a typical system at any one time there should be around 1,000 litres in at any one time for a system that discharges around 600 litres per house every day. As a result of the small amount of sewage in the system at any one point and the fact that it is turned over so often will mitigate any likely smelling coming from the system. Should a smell occur, it could indicate a system failure and we would suggest you speak to the managing agent or water company.

With these systems, the working pumps are anywhere from 2m to 7m, sometimes more, underground and operate amongst the sewage they pump. As a result the likelihood that you will hear it is very low.

In the event of a failing of the pumps the system can cope with being offline for 24 hours which is normally enough time for an engineer to be in attendance and solve any issues and get the system running again. On some occasions there may be a vacuum tanker in attendance to remove any fats and other elements that build up the pumps don't remove in the normal way.

We will mention that issues can arise from time to time and it is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the routine should you become aware of a fault.

If you have any queries please get in contact with one of the team who are ready and waiting to answer any questions you have.

We wish you many happy and peaceful years in your new property.

Kind Regards

The team at Paradigm Systems


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