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Meet Jack

Let me introduce you to Jack. Jack is 36 years old and is currently running a development business with a business partner and old time school friend. After Jack started working for a national developer company between bouts of time at engineering and planning companies, he decided to go it alone. Armed with a lot of knowledge and with his old time friend, who was now an accountant, he was sure of success doing what he loved.

Jacks wife and two children depend on him for a good income to comfortably live in their 3 bedroom house with the woods behind and the park nearby.

With his company Jack feels that he can only take on so much risk and decides he will limit his developments to 25 houses at a time. Although it means he has to do more developments to get his desired income, it does mean he can enjoy more quality time with his family without the worry of a big project going too badly wrong.


His wife likes the work he does, it mean she gets to drive a BMW and although he may miss a few weekends he can afford to take them away for a week or two to beautiful destinations like the Peak District or Pen Y Fan. She enjoys his company on these great trips and walking is one of her hobbies where she can take herself away from it all.

She knows he worries about a lot of things on some of the sites he secures and some just seem to never end. He speaks of negotiating with people at companies that employ more people than our local town, who just seem to push a button to stop all progress. And the local councillors and town leaders who he never seems to get on with however hard he tries.

On one site, she told me, was in a bit of a remote spot. She saw it with him and said how beautiful it looked, what an exquisite site and how it could be turned into something of such significance.