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Mitigating Risks With Water Pumping

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Water pumps can be used to mitigate many risks to residential, industrial and commercial areas. In sewerage systems without sufficient pumping, stagnant water builds up and can be responsible for carrying bacteria and diseases. In a situation like this, toxic gasses such as hydrogen sulphide can build up, which presents a major risk to the population if it is inhaled. Sufficient pumping makes sure the raw sewerage is moving at a constant flow, so there is no chance of gasses building up due to stagnation.

Inadequate pumping in populated areas can also result in water welling up from the system to flood basements and ground level floors of buildings.

Water pumping stations are used in the United Kingdom to move water along canals, to move groundwater, for hydraulic power stations as well as providing public water supply and sewerage services.


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