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Updated: May 21, 2020

How to order a pump station and what to look out for.

Whilst pumping stations can seem overly complex, getting it right can be made very easy. Whilst technical elements can have real consequences, getting a system where these are acknowledged and taken care of whilst keeping the buying journey seamless is important.

Ordering fast food is often very simple.

Question 1: What do I need to allow for in one of these systems?


1) Manhole cover and frame (unless it is a GRP chamber and we will supply a 10 tonne SWL cover).

2) Inlet pipes (connections done in the factory to a drawing that is approved by you).

3) Rising main supply, installation and testing.

4) The cable duct to the control panel location (connections done in the factory to a drawing that is approved by you).

5) A ventilation pipe (connections done in the factory to a drawing that is approved by you).

6) Any concrete work or structural/civil designs.

A colour coded drawing can be sent showing this in graphic detail. Please request this by emailing with the words “CC Drawing Request” in the title.

Question 2: What are the typical lead times?


1) GRP chambers: 1-6 weeks

2) Pre-cast chamber fit-out: 2-3 weeks

3) Commissioning: 2-3 week

Question 3: How do I install these chambers? (only applies to GRP chambers).

Answer: We will send installation instructions before and with the chamber for you to follow.

Question 4: the client/consulting engineer want a design submission. Do you do this?

Answer: We can complete simple design submissions when it is required for a client or consulting engineer to approve.

Question 5: I have been given a specification. Can you match it?

Answer: Yes we can, although it is always best avoided. Where details are unknown, and a guide cost is required for tender we can advise this. At order stage it is critical to know the design parameters. There is enough tragedy throughout the history of the construction industry that goes to show why this is never a good idea.

New questions added on 21/05/2020

Question 6: Why are openings so big for pump stations?

Answer: The openings are the size required to lift both completely out of the chamber in the worst case scenario that the chamber is almost completely full.

Question 7: The pump station warranty will run out before my defects period, how can I remedy this?

Answer: We can offer extended warranties or in some cases use temporary equipment with the same level of functionality.

Question 8: The pump and level control cables are only 10m. What happens if it needs to be more than this?

Answer: Extra cable and junction or joint boxes may need to be provided. It is always advisable to install junction boxes above any potential flooding level. This will likely incur extra costs.


Please forward any questions you have to with the subject "Buying question" and I will add the answers here and advise you. This information is not exhaustive and will be updated on a regular basis.


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