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Temporary Sewer Diversion Pumping!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Utilising a pumping station for a temporary sewer diversion.

For this project, Paradigm handled the design, approvals, installation and commissioning for a Thames Water sewer diversion pumping station.

The system was designed to temporarily re-direct a main sewer whilst construction works were carried out at the existing sewer location. Due to the application and the space constraints, no allowance could be made for 24h emergency storage therefore reliability was key. The following are some ways that technology was used to minimise the risk of plant failure;

  • The pumps self-cleaned the pipework and sump if a build-up of solids was detected

  • The pump rate automatically fluctuated based on the incoming flow

  • The pumps would self-reverse and clear if early signs of a blockage was detected

  • A 24h remote monitoring system managed the pumping station at all times

Whilst the design and construction was challenging due to space constraints, the system was signed off by Thames Water following commissioning. The pumping station operated for 18 months and not a single blockage was reported!



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