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Temporary Sewer Diversion Pumping!

Utilising a pumping station for a temporary sewer diversion.

This month, Paradigm completed the design, approvals, installation and commissioning for a Thames Water sewer diversion pumping station.

The system was designed to re-direct a sewer main around a site for a basement project to be completed where the sewer once went. Due to the application and the footprint for the system, there was not an allowance for 24h emergency storage. Here is are some pretty cool ways we minimised the risk of plant failure with technology;

  • The pumps self clean the pipework and sump if it detects a build up of solids

  • The system will increase the pump rate if there has been an increased inflow

  • The pumps will self reverse and clear if they start to block

  • A 24h monitoring SMS/Email system reports alarms

Whilst the design and construction was challenging due to space constraints, the system was signed off by Thames Water following commissioning.

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