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Uncommon traffic lights

When traffic lights were invented to control traffic flow they were made so with one quick glance you were able to distinguish whether you should stop, slow down or continue moving forward.

That’s how we like it, let’s keep it that way.

Maybe incorporate this idea with control systems too.

On a typical Paradigm control panel you will notice six lights, one alarm buzzer, one mute button and two control switches. At the base of the control panel is a big red and yellow on/off switch or isolator. Below we briefly go over what these mean.

The six lights

The white light - Power On

This light suggests that the system is live. In a more technical way it shows that the system is successfully transforming the incoming power to the lower control voltage which in turn controls the pumps starting and stopping.

The two green lights - Pump 1 Running & Pump 2 Running

These lights turn on when the pumps are operating and should typically run for around 5 minutes maximum on a foul system at any one time.

The two amber lights - Pump 1 Tripped & Pump 2 Tripped

These lights turn on when a pump develops a fault and the pumps protection system has been triggered. These can only be reset by trained and qualified engineers.