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Cleanreach™ - A Brain Child For Cleaning Drain Pipe's

One major advantage of the "continuous improvement" process for a focused product is that it allows the team to pay close attention to detail. As experts, they can systematically eliminate many common customer problems with simple and innovative solutions.

A common challenge we encounter frequently is the ability to jet or use a CCTV camera on a pumping station outlet (commonly called the "rising main"). Many customers tell us:

"We had a jetting company clean the rising main, but they had to cut or break apart the glued pipework to access it. Can you come and fix it?"

The answer is yes, we can! We prioritize compliance (ensuring the system meets relevant standards), durability (building products that are long-lasting and easy to maintain), and reliability (designing systems to consistently perform or exceed their required capacity).

Therefore, we've taken the extra step of adding Cleanreach™ technology to the outlet of our packaged pumping stations. This simple, easy, and effective solution allows for jetting or CCTV inspection of the rising main with minimal disruption and eliminates the need for additional repairs to damaged or broken pipes.

It's a simple, effective, and cost-efficient solution.

Contact us or call 01189 866 101 to find out how we can help you with your pumping station solution.


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