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Pumps that help industries thrive

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

There are many places around the country where a water pumping station can be very helpful. For instance, in The Fens (East Midlands), which was a massive tract of marshland around the River Ouse, water pumping stations were used to clear a lot of the marshy soil and instead create arable farmland. The best thing about this type of land alteration is that it is very beneficial for farming. As the waterlogged land is drained of water, the nutrients and particles in the water remain behind in the soil, making the dirt particularly beneficial for plant growth.

Water pumps are usually only considered in these kinds of applications if drainage by simple gravity is not possible. Water pumping stations are rarely used to remove water from elevated sites, as it is much easier in many cases to simply dig a canal and let the water flow downhill naturally to the desired collection area. On the other hand, it’s very common to have water pumping stations taking water to an elevated site. For instance, for residents that live on hillsides, the water that they use in their homes has to travel uphill and in this case water pumping stations will be essential to make this happen.


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