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Snakes and ladders for developers

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

You’ve found a piece of developable land… you move 5 spaces forward.

It receives outline planning permission… you move 2 steps forward and climb and ladder.

You have to remove 2 houses to make space for a pumping station…go back 7 spaces.

Monopoly, perhaps a better suited board game for developers!

We acknowledge pumping stations are not the joy of everybody’s life (nobody it seems).

Issues can include:-

· Amount of land it takes up, although the pump station may take up 150m2 the exclusion area can take up to 1,600m2. This not only means that houses cannot be too near the pump station potentially reducing the site potential but means that the land used for a pump station could be worth up to £735,000 in some locations (see note 1).

· Rising main agreements where the rising main goes off site can involve negotiation with various parties who may throw up objections.

· They are typically the deepest manhole on the site, sometime by a long way making construction costs quite high.

· Water companies don’t like them either and set strict guidelines for them (well known to our teams, though) and will make sure they are 100% satisfied with them operating for at least 12 months before taking them on

These are some of the reasons they are worth getting right once and for all.

Our team will:-