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Why you need to maintain your pumping station?

Pumping station maintenance is a critical factor in its lifecycle. It helps to ensure that any pumping station for any application is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible as well as performing its job to the best of its capacity.

It's like most things; the better you look after it, the better it will perform! This couldn't be truer for pumping stations. There are foreseeable issues with pumping stations that can be avoided, like flushing wet wipes that can block a pump or putting fat into your sink which solidifies and can cause floatation switches to become so heavy that the pumps never turn on when they are supposed to.

Regular maintenance can help to solve these issues. Most importantly of all, it can help the environment! When pumping stations are maintained so that they are kept clear of blockages and the pumping chamber in which the pumps sit is cleaned and hoovered out (with a tanker lorry) every once in a while (we recommend every 12 months minimum), the pumps can run at the efficiency that they are built for, doing the job they are supposed to and only using the minimum amount of electricity that is required. This saves on non-environmentally friendly generated electricity going to waste where there is no need for it.

Why not do your bit to help the environment and at the same time, save some money and have your pumping station ready to work when you need it most! What a bonus.

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